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Announcer for 21 years, Malu Pontes is also an actress and voice actress, recording in Portuguese, English and Spanish. In Television, is the main voice of HBO Cinemax and NET Now. In the corporate market is the voice of the customer service of renowned companies such as Sony, Embratel, SPC Serasa, Silverlink, Nestlé, Kraft Foods, Grupo Mix de Comunicação, Unip, Colégio Objetivo, amongst others. In the training segment, is the voice of Carrefour, Grupo Votorantim, Rede Globo, Citroën, etc. Get to know more about her works: On TV: Cinemax Channel, HBO, NET NOW, SBT, Rede Globo, Discovery Channel. Institutional: CBV, Banco Safra, Itaú, Santander, Sky, NET, Grupo Votorantim, SPC Serasa, Nestlé, Mondelez International, Instituto Ayrton Senna, Lancôme and others. As Master of Ceremonies does presentations for annual parties for companies, weddings, high schools and universities.
The recordings are done in her own private studio with an average deadline merging 3 hours after client submission of the script and approval of the budget. Specialized broadcasting in Portuguese, Spanish and English.


Specialized broadcasting in Portuguese, Spanish and English.

Malu Pontes is broadcaster for channels such as Cinemax, of HBO, and NOW, by NET, and the voice of advertisement of Rede Globo and SBT.

  • Advertisement announcement in various styles
  • Television signatures
  • Internal institutional videos
  • E-learning
  • Radio bumper - promo
  • IVR (Interactive Voice Response) - Waiting lines
  • Recording for text-to-speech (TTS) systems
  • Audiobooks


Digital Attendance - Robots
Waiting lines
Institutional - Latam
Broadcaster Malu Pontes - General Portfolio
Portfolio Breno
Portfolio Diogo
Portfolio Fabiano
Portfolio Gisele
Janet - Native english
Jeff - Native english
Jinm - Native english
Pablo - Native spanish
Regina - Native spanish
Institutional - childish
Vick Pontes - childish


Check out productions for Television and documentaries

Client: NET NOW
Product: Canal 001 da NET
Year: 2016
Producer: Sofá Digital SP
Placement: national
Client: HBO Latin America
Product: Cinemax - Produção de
gravação na sede do canal em SP
Year: 2016
Placement: national
Client: Som Livre
Product: CD Agora é que são Elas
Year: 2016
Producer: Deeper Produções
Media: Rede Globo - TV open - national
Client: ICD - Ingresso com Desconto
Year: 2016
Producer: interna - SP
National and international
broadcasting (through Les Clefs Dór Brésil - France)
Client: Netshoes e Zattini Brasil
Year: 2016
Producer: Accuracy Vídeos - SP
Placement: national
Client: Editora Panini
Product: Cúmplices de um Resgate
Year: 2016
Producer: VT Cine SP
Media: Open TV - national - SBT
Client: Kenwood
Product: Cooking Chef
Year: 2016
Producer: VT CIne SP
Placement: national
Client: Ilumicorp
Ano: 2016
Producer: Macaco Comunicação SP
Media: TV TEM - S. J. do Rio Preto
Art: Hugo Alves
Edition: Cleiton Fernandes
Client: Prefeitura de Araçatuba
Year: 2014
Product: CRAS - Social
Agency: Inova Produções
Placement: Open TV and TV TEM

Client: Colégio Objetivo
Year: 2015
Producer: Tribus SP
TV broadcast open - State - SP

Client: Instituto Música no Museu - RJ
Product: Rio Harp Festival 2016
Agency: Direto
Producer: ADJ Produções e Agência
TV Channel - TV Globo - open channel - RJ
Client: Pin My Pet
Empreendimento Azzurra Aldeota Fortaleza
Year: 2016
Agency: Produtora Anamá Filmes
Placement: internet / national


Read some stories of those who trust and believe in Malu’s services.

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Marcelo Petito

Radio broadcaster with 35 years of professional experience and TV and Radio spots.

“One of the brightest and most versatiles voices that I’ve ever worked with. Adapting well in any kind of locution style. Is an experienced multimedia professional in every sense of the word. She has extended knowledge of the voice for radio, tv and live advertisement. Her course is an unique opportunity of valuable learning for whom aspires to be in the communication area or wants to improve it.”

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Wagner Ferraz

Radio broadcaster and professor in SENAC SP.

“Malu Pontes always was a partner in the long way run. I say with property that she is a complete professional: journalist, radio broadcaster for young/teen audiences, she’s popular and qualified, and is as good in advertising announcements. Her character is a big part of her trademark, and another feature is her rejoice in living. I trust her and her professionalism.”

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Alexandra Rabczuk

Executive Director of HBO Brazil.

“Malu Pontes has worked for a couple of years with in me in channel Cinemal. Excelent professional with great talent.”